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About Reiki - 
 -There are several benefits and uses to Reiki that all lie on a mind, body, soul and spiritual level.   Regarding mental and emotional health, Reiki can help reduce stress and anxiety, provide an emotional release allowing one to rid the body of toxic emotions and mental thought patterns.    When one is ready to experience this, Reiki can help overcome certain fears and phobias, decrease mental fogginess, promote self acceptance, increase concentration and focus, and also help increase motivation and inspiration.    For one's physical health, Reiki boosts the body's natural immune system, decreases physical pain(acute or chronic), rejuvenates the body, reduces muscle tension and soreness, and helps decrease chronic fatigue.    Reiki only goes at the pace that the person receiving the Reiki is ready for.    Reiki can help clear, cleanse and purify one's energetic systems and aura bringing one closer to God, Mother Nature, Archangels, Ascended Masters, spirit guides and other spiritual connections.

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